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New Mineral Auctions Ending
April 2nd!!!


      Another round of exciting mineral auctions from new acquisitions is ending soon!!! Specimens include - just to mention a few, a superb multi-color liddicoatite tourmaline from Madagascar, a rare red beryl from Utah, a classic smoky quartz gwindel from Switzerland, a rare double pseudomorph rosasite after malachite after azurite from Tsumeb, a superb tourmaline from the Jonas Mine, a classic vesuvianite and garnet crystal cluster from Italy, a very rare despujolsite crystal from South Africa, a classic green tourmaline from Connecticut, an aesthetic fluorite crystal cluster from the Heights Mine, a rare purple pink topaz from Brazil, a historic calcite from Cornwall, a unique wulfenite and malachite crystal cluster from Tsumeb, an aesthetic purple fluorite from Spain, an unusual leadhillite after calcite from Nevada, a superb calcite and mottramite crystal cluster from Tsumeb, an amazing agate petrified wood from Oregon, a magnificent beryllonite crystal cluster from Pakistan, a superb bavenite crystal cluster from Spain, and much, much more to come!!!

Auctions will be ending Thursday, April 2nd!!! As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve!!! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!


IMPORTANT NOTE - we have created an app for your smartphone that allows you to check out our current listings, get info before anyone else, and bid on auctions remotely (never miss out on a specimen ever again!)!!! You can download the mineralman app for free by clicking on this link:

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04/02/2015 Auctions Ending!

03/30/2015 - More auctions added!

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