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     Specimens include, just to mention a few, an extraordinary zincite crystal with leucophoenicite & hodgkinsonite from New Jersey -Ex. Avella, a large and impressive silver & baryte with galena & quartz from Colorado -Ex. Lemanski, an incredible blue fluorite from Germany -Ex. Lemanski, an aesthetic rhodochrosite on quartz from Japan, a unique cinnabar and dolomite from China, a rare locale tourmaline from Tajikistan -Ex. Lemanski, a gorgeous chrysocolla & quartz from Chile -Ex. Lemanski, a classic benitoite on matrix from California -Ex. Lemanski, a rare sussexite with chlorophoenicite & calcite from New Jersey -Ex. Lemanski, a unique turquoise from Nevada -Ex. Lemanski, and much, MUCH more!!!
As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve!!! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!


*****EXCITING NEWS!!!*****

      We are excited to announce our largest collection acquisition to date - the incredible 28,000 specimen collection of noted Eastcoast collector Chet Lemanski! We are so very proud and honored to be handling this important collection, jointly purchased with Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone! Chet has been a lifelong collector of mineral specimens and has contributed greatly to the hobby of mineral collecting and mineralogy. Chet is an administrator for www.mindat.org and the namesake of the mineral Lemanskiite. Chet began building this vast collection in the mid 1960's and continued right up until recent years. The collection consisted mainly of three segments - a vast general collection of worldwide specimens, a large and important Franklin suite, and an impressive fluorescent display. The general collection is remarkably comprehensive with specimens from famous and obscure localities alike, specimens of historic and scientific import, "rare uglies" and aesthetic masterpieces - all ranging in size from micro to huge, museum-sized specimens! Within the general collection are several noteworthy, species specific suites of fluorite, willemite, cassiterite, pyrite and prehnite - each impressive in size and scope! The collection was also rich in diversity, representing over 3,000 species with most of the noteworthy rarities including relevant analytical data!

     This collection, almost unprecedented in size, is simply too much for any one dealer to handle. After the great success of our joint venture with the Kay Robertson collection we were excited to partner once again with fellow dealer Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone. We have acquired several thousand specimens from this collection in the split, as well as the vast majority of the incredible Franklin collection! We will be listing specimens from this extraordinary collection throughout the upcoming weeks and months (and beyond!)! Specimens from the collection will be exclusively available only through our auctions on eBay and through fellow dealer Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone! So stay tuned - you do not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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