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     Specimens include, just to mention a few, a gorgeous gem crystal of aquamarine from Brazil -Ex. Campbell, a terrific dioptase crystal from Tsumeb -Ex. Lemanski, a unique pink grossular garnet from Canada -Ex. Key, a rare cahnite with rhodonite from Franklin -Ex. Elling, a classic spessartine garnet with galena and quartz from Australia -Ex. Lemanski, an extraordinary margarosanite with willemite and hyalophane from Franklin, a gorgeous bi-color tourmaline from Afghanistan, a rare hedyphane and rhodonite with calcite from Franklin -Ex. Lemanski, a fantastic pyromorphite from Japan -Ex. Lemanski, a rare old pyroxmangite from Japan -Ex. Lemanski, a magnificent narsarsukite from Greenland, a classic large fluorite with chalcopyrite and quartz -Ex. Sensel, a rare yukonite and ogdensburgite with kottigite from New Jersey -Ex. Lemanski, and much, MUCH more!!!
As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve!!! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!


*****EXCITING NEWS!!!*****


     This collection, almost unprecedented in size, is simply too much for any one dealer to handle. After the great success of our joint venture with the Kay Robertson collection we were excited to partner once again with fellow dealer Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone. We have acquired several thousand specimens from this collection in the split, as well as the vast majority of the incredible Franklin collection! We will be listing specimens from this extraordinary collection throughout the upcoming weeks and months (and beyond!)! Specimens from the collection will be exclusively available only through our auctions on eBay and through fellow dealer Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone! So stay tuned - you do not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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01/21/21 - Auctions Ending!

01/18/20 - More auctions added!

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