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Special Mineral Auctions Ending THURSDAY, September 18th!!!


       This week's mineral auctions are ending in just a few hours - or perhaps even minutes by the time you read this! There are a number of incredible specimens up for auction this week, so be sure to see them all - some are still at just $1 as of this email!!! Some of this week's auction highlights include - just to mention a few, an extraordinary bornite and quartz crystal cluster from Butte, a classic native copper crystal from Michigan, a unique native gold crystal from Venezuela, a gem topaz crystal from a famous Colorado find, an old group of diamond crystals from India, a very rare lepersonnite from Shinkolobwe, a unique native silver and acanthite from Norway, a superb old botryoidal malachite from the Urals, a hisoric native silver with rhodochrosite from the Comstock Lode, a classic cassiterite twin from the Czech Republic, a historic galena crystal from Neudorf, a rare iodargyrite with silver and azurite from Broken Hill, a unique botryoidal rhodochrosite from Kazakhstan, a historic smithsonite and hemimorphite from Belgium, a blue gem topaz from Norway, a rare senegalite on turquoise from Senegal, allargentum from Germany, and much, MUCH, MORE!!!

Auctions will be ending Thursday, September 18th!!! As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve!!! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!


IMPORTANT NOTE - we have created an app for your smartphone that allows you to check out our current listings, get info before anyone else, and bid on auctions remotely (never miss out on a specimen ever again!)!!! You can download the mineralman app for free by clicking on this link:

Get your FREE Mineralman App here!


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        In addition, we have just posted a significant update to our sale gallery! We just acquired an impressive group of fine specimens, and this update features numerous exciting specimens from the acquisition!
Take me to the NEW Sale Gallery!

We are also currently in the process of restructuring our website, and will be posting more updates and new information throughout the upcoming weeks!

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9/18/2014 Auctions Ending!

9/15/2014 - More auctions added!

02/14/2012 - ALL NEW SPECIMENS added to the Sale Gallery!

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